Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Excited to get involved with a new sport or challenge? Want to find a club near to you?

Fear not! Whatever your abilities, there will be a sport that you can get involved in. Whether that be an individual or team sport, something fast paced or leisurely, something that requires sheer brute strength or unwavering focus and tactics – there will be something that will tick all of your boxes.

The Deloitte Paraspot Club Finder below allows you to search all the sports clubs throughout the UK that cater for people with disabilities. Simply include your sport of choice (or select ‘any sport’ if you are undecided), your postcode and the distance you would be willing to travel to attend a club. The club finder will then magically conjure up all the facilities that match your selection and you can begin on your next step to getting fit and healthy and having fun.