Driving across country for charity


Students from the St Andrews University Men’s Golf Club, will attempt to ‘drive’ across the 874 miles of the UK, in under 12 hours!!

The event, to raise funds for the Prostate Cancer UK and Scottish Disability Golf & Curling charities, will take place on Saturday 3 February, with a practice and strategy get-together in January, when the students return after their winter break.

Josh Hopkins,  of the University Club said: “We will be attempting to drive a golf ball from one side of the UK to the other. This equates to 1,538,240 yards.  That is 6153 drives of 250 yards and we will be attempting to complete this across three bays at the Indoor Golf Centre in St Andrews, jointly for two great causes which are close to our hearts.”

The students have a Facebook page set up, as well as a Just Giving site for donators. 

The SDGC Chair said: “Our thanks go to the Students of St Andrews University Men’s Golf Club for the opportunity to not only raise some funds, but also to promote our sports for people with disabilities and to prove that having such difficulties, should not be a barrier to playing the game.  We will utilise any funds raised for our tuition and teaching programme for members, which operates throughout the year.

More information on the event on social media and here