Flip out: Protein pancakes fit for a Paralympian


Words by Colette Carr

Its Shrove Tuesday, and your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds are flooded with perfectly sugared, fluffy, springy pancakes.

Some drowned in chocolate spread, some topped with piles of streaky bacon.

Either way, while they look heavenly, the high sugar and saturated fat content may not exactly be advised for athletes on a strict programme.

Fear not though, as your stomach and Instagram can be more than satisfied with a tasty and healthier serving of protein pancakes.

Pancakes are quick and easy to whip up, and so are protein pancakes. Just substitute some ingredients for a healthier option and dress to serve!

OnTrack’s perfect protein pancake:

Self-raising flour (1/2 cup)

Protein powder (1/2 cup)

Coconut sugar (1/2 cup)

Almond milk (1/2 cup)

Vanilla essence (Splash)

Egg (One)

Coconut (tablespoon)

Once your pancake is ready serve with fresh fruit to satisfy any cravings or add a light dusting of icing sugar and bon appetit!

Happy pancake day!