Kamlish impresses at Glasgow Grand Prix


Words by Colette Carr

The fastest woman in the world on one blade brought the national record for the T43-44 60m down again with a new personal best, despite time away from the track due to uni commitments.

Sophie Kamlish brought her personal best down from 8.53 to 8.47 at the Indoor Grand Prix yesterday in front of the Glasgow crowd.

Coming in second to German Irmgard Bensusan, the Paralympian impressed in her first major 60m.

“I’m feeling good,” Kamlish began.

“I don’t know what I was expecting really, I was obviously going to run as fast as I could, and I’ve run a PB which is huge which is really what I was looking for in this mixed category event, but I’m pleased. I would’ve liked to have won but it’s not the end of the world,” she said.

Racing in one of only two para events at the Grand Prix, Kamlish was keen to praise the inclusion of two female finals in the predominately able-bodied programme.

“Overall it is really positive that para events are starting to be included more often.

“Obviously there is only two today and it would be great if there could’ve been more, but it is amazing that it is two female events, because that is quite rare, so I think it is really good.”

And like the programme, she admitted her own performance left room for improvement despite her personal best and new national record.

“It’s always my own target to beat my PB. I always feel like in the 60m I’ve never done it justice and the end of everyone I find myself thinking, ‘oh, if I had done that then it would’ve been so much better,’ so I’m always trying to improve.

“With that one, there are definitely things I could have improved on, but I got a PB so it couldn’t have been that bad,” she added.

While recent classification changes sees the 21-year-old go from a T44 to T64, the GB athlete will still compete in mixed category events. But despite the upheaval, Kamlish is keeping her focus on the track.

“Ever since I started athletics it has been a mixed category event, so the changing of categories recently hasn’t done anything to change that so it’s just more numbers for people to understand.

“I’m going back to training now – this was my last 60m of the season so I’m just looking forward to running my favourite which is the 100m outdoors.”