New Funding Makes Sporting Sense


Sport England have donated a lofty £212431 to disability charity Sense to support their Sporting Sense project.

The charity is celebrating the extended support that sees them run the project that increases sporting and physical activities opportunities to those with complex disabilities into May 2019.

Since its launch in June 2016, more than one thousand disabled people have enjoyed its benefits while care workers, sport providers, carers and families have been trained to support disabled people into sport.

Sense will use the investment to build on the established programmes in London and the Midlands and expand into the North of England.

Sport England director, Mike Diaper, said: “Sport England work to help everyone, regardless of their age, background or level of ability, feel able to engage in sport and activity. Our research shows that disabled people are half as likely to be active, which is not right, especially as many disabled people have told us they want to be. ‘Sporting Sense’ has already helped over a thousand people with complex disabilities to get active by breaking down barriers which can prevent people from taking part, such as a lack of opportunity, support or confidence. Sport England are delighted to be able to award ‘Sporting Sense’ further funding to build on that work.”

And Sense’s national sport manager, Alissa Ayling was also enthusiastic about the opportunities the funding opens up, saying: “We believe everyone, no matter how complex their communication needs, deserves the right to enjoy a physically active life. The ‘Sporting Sense’ project has created and developed opportunities for disabled people to participate in, and enjoy, a broad range of sporting and physical activities. This grant from Sport England will provide accessible and inclusive opportunities to individuals, in local areas where this has not yet been possible.”