WDBS showcase access to billiards and snooker


WDBS has released a video to highlight the progress they have made in access to billiards and snooker.

Among those featured, Robert Craft, who is visually impaired, explains how welcoming he finds the events. He is involved in a number of other capacities in addition to his playing career, including BSL signing and refereeing matches. Nitesh Chavda, who is deaf, discusses the knowledge he has gained from coaching sessions held on the Friday of each weekend event, while Kal Mattu describes the WDBS team of players and officials as “one family.”

Chris Hornby, WPBSA Sport Development Manager said:“For me the video demonstrates the community feel of WDBS events. WDBS prides itself on welcoming every player with any disability. Hearing each player’s story and the joy the events bring to them encourages myself and the WDBS board to work harder to make events bigger and better for players.

“Snooker is a sport for all and we hope those who are perhaps unsure of coming to our events and watch this feature will be inspired to come and give it a try.”

For more info visit wdbs.info