WheelPower’s Primary Sports Camps


WheelPower’s Primary Sports Camps are a great way for children aged 5-11 with a disability to discover sport in a safe, welcoming and friendly environment and all activity is adapted to suit your abilities. The Camps are a great way to make new friends, improve your health and have fun!

The entry fee is £9.00 per participant and £5.00 per parent/guardian. Lunch will be provided. Breakfast is available at extra cost. Accommodation is available for £25.00 for 2 nights.

  • The sports and activities at the Camp include basketball, boccia, bowls, fencing , table games, tennis and zone hockey.
  • These activities ​are all about having fun and learning new skills – this may include a small element of competition but this is optional.

To register please call 01296 395995 or email oliver.buncombe@wheelpower.org.uk or see our website: http://www.wheelpower.org.uk/sport-events/primary-sports-camp-0