Work hard, play hard


Two members of the GB Goalball team have matched international sporting success with the highest academic achievement by being awarded a PhD.

Members of the Cambridge Dons Goallball Club, Sarah Leiter and Filmon Eyassu attribute their academic success to their involvement in sport.

Sarah said: “The Cambridge Dons actually provide me with a nice balance to university life. Sometimes you can get caught up in a bit of a bubble and you need a reminder that there is life outside of academia and medicine.

“I certainly think that playing goalball alongside my studies has helped me to keep sane. It’s a great stress-buster to go and throw a ball against a wall.”

Goalball is the only Paralympic team sport designed specifically for visually impaired sportsmen and women. Played with raised markings on the floor, blindfolds are used to ensure an even playing field as players locate the ball through sound.